Patio Entertainment: Proper Size For Tables and Chairs

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full table and chairs set for 6 people wth loads of open space on the patio for perfect entertaining.


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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases made on our website. If you make a purchase through links from this website, we may get a small share of the sale from Amazon and other similar affiliate programs.

As the weather eventually warms again in the new year, many homeowners will again turn their attention to entertaining and outdoor spaces.

A patio furniture set can be a great way to host guests, but it needs to be sized appropriately for company. So, what is the best size for a patio table and chairs?

The ideal-sized patio furniture set seats six adults comfortably. It features a table at least 72 inches long and 37 inches wide for maximum usability, with six individual adult-sized chairs. However, other table dimensions can work well with smaller yards and patios if you have limited space.  

Keep reading to learn more about choosing the perfect-sized patio entertaining furniture and how to select for durability, beauty, and functionality.   

full table and chairs set for 6 people wth loads of open space on the patio for perfect entertaining.

Which Size is Best for Patio Furniture?

An important thing to consider when buying patio furniture is whether your purchase can accommodate both small and large groups.

A large table can work well for morning breakfasts with a spouse but can also allow your siblings and their kids to come over for a cookout. 

A picnic-style table at least 72 inches (or six feet) long and at least 37 inches (roughly three feet) wide will seat six adults, one at each end and two on each long side.

It is also possible to comfortably include children, using either individual chairs or a slightly elevated bench.  

When choosing patio furniture, consider the following factors:

  • Ease of seating and serving guests
  • Suitability of the furniture for both dining and relaxation
  • The size of the outside space that you are working with
  • Choosing materials that are both comfortable and outdoors friendly

Consider your budget, and make sure that you find a set that is both affordable and pleasant to use.

A Circular Patio Table is Best for Limited Space

If the outside space you are working with is minimal, an alternative to a picnic table-style layout would be a circular table, preferably with at least a 48+ inch diameter, like this Christopher Knight on Amazon.

This round configuration lets you save some space while still dating six, and being large enough for some serving plates, too.

A round patio table is also attractive and versatile and lends a touch of elegance and beauty to any backyard.

Moreover, this table style can work efficiently with just about any seating aesthetic you choose.

Choose Individual Chairs for Your Patio Set

It’s essential to allow your guests to move about freely and to excuse themselves for seconds or thirds if they wish effortlessly.

Buying patio furniture with individual chairs will go a long way in making your guests comfortable and minimizing inconveniences.  

Which features should you look for in a patio set’s chairs? Comfort and style are both important; if possible, you’ll want to try the chairs out yourself before purchasing the set.

Can you imagine yourself sitting cozily and happily in this chair for hours? Is there a place to rest your arms or put a drink? Can you get up from the chair quickly?

Well-designed armrests, chairs that are easy to sit in and rise from, and a design that is easy on the back are all key.

The chairs must be lightweight enough to scoot back readily or feature a 360° swiveling capability.

What dimensions should the chairs be? A chair about 40 inches high will be tall enough to lean back in, but this may also depend upon the height of the table.

Chairs should be wide enough to accommodate all guests and fit within the table’s bounds. Your guests should not feel crowded or uncomfortable as they eat and relax.  

Choosing the Right Material for Patio Furniture is Important

You want a material that will be both comfortable and stand up to the weather. Your patio furniture should be sturdy and be made well enough to last you for years.

Let’s look at some top patio furniture material choices and weigh their benefits

Wood is a popular material. It’s beautiful, easy to paint, and comfortable. Be sure to protect your wooden furniture with a sealant or weather-resistant paint, and perform touch-ups on the sealant or paint work annually. 

Wicker is extremely popular, tends to be a more affordable material, and is easy to move around. If you’re looking for lightweight patio furniture, wicker may be a great choice.

Be sure to cover wicker furniture when not used, as it is often sensitive to moisture and weather.

Synthetic resin wicker is increasingly popular, as it provides the visual charm of a woven material but is quite a bit stronger and less vulnerable to bad weather. 

Composite wood is another choice, and many consumers prefer this material for its durability and low maintenance.

Unlike natural wood, composites won’t require annual touch-ups. Composites are also weather-proof and splinter-free. 

Stainless steel is another popular choice. These patio sets tend to be tough in the face of the elements but are undeniably tricky to move on one’s own.

Stainless steel is still rust-proof and can last a buyer for years. 

Aluminum is a durable and water-resistant metal that performs well year-round. It is also relatively lightweight, making it a better choice for some buyers than steel.

If you want a metal set that is easy to move, aluminum may be best for you.

 Wood WickerResin WickerCompositeS. SteelAluminum
Easy Care

How Can Properly Sizing Tables and Chairs for Your Patio Help Prevent Early Rot and Aging?

Properly sizing tables and chairs for your patio can help prevent early rot and aging. Choosing furniture that is the right size for your patio door height keys will ensure good airflow and prevent moisture buildup, ultimately extending the lifespan of your outdoor furniture.

Final Thoughts

The best size for patio furniture is a roughly 72-inch by 37-inch main table and six individual adult-sized chairs.

If your outdoor space is limited, a round table measuring about 60 inches in diameter can seat the same number of people.

Make sure that the chairs you use are comfortable and lightweight enough to push away from the table quickly or built to swivel 360° readily. 

Various materials are available such as wood, wicker, resin wicker, aluminum, stainless steel, and composite wood.

Composite wood, resin wicker, and aluminum are all easy to care for, lightweight, and weather-proof materials.