Closeup of a blower connected to a bounce house

Pump Up the Fun: Maximize the Life of a Bounce House Blower

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bounce house on concrete ground with rain falling

Bounce House Blowers: Waterproof or Water-Resistant?

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Bounce house inflating in the backyard to allow kids to play

Power Up Your Party: What’s the Cost of a Bounce House?

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Bounce house that looks like a bug in the backyard for fun and games

Unveiling Mysteries: What Materials Make up a Bounce House

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Large bounce house in the backyard with a slide

Powerful Guide: How Much Pressure is in a Bounce House?

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Bounce house deflated on the ground waiting to be rolled up and stored

Deflated Bounce House Size: The Shocking Truth Revealed!

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Kids small bounce house on a patio inflated and ready for play

Revive a Bounce House: Simple Ways to Patch Holes and Tears

Bounce houses are a popular entertainment attraction for kids of all ages, adding an element of fun to any party or event. However, just like any other equipment, bounce houses can sometimes get damaged from constant use or accidental mishaps. If you’re facing such an issue and wondering whether you can patch a bounce house, … Read more