Traeger Ironwood vs Timberline on a black background with a versus

Traeger Ironwood vs. Timberline: Which Grill Reigns Supreme?

If you’re a BBQ fan, you know that Traeger grills are the way to go. Their technology and innovative designs have taken over the market in recent years, but with so many options available it can be tough to choose which one is right for your needs. In this article, we’ll focus on two of … Read more

Corn cooking on a grill on top of coals

Corn and the Grill: Separating Fact from Fiction on Soaking

You may be wondering whether corn needs to be soaked prior to grilling. Soaking corn in water before grilling can help lock in moisture and prevent the kernels from drying out. However, it is not necessary to soak corn before grilling. Some people prefer to grill their corn without soaking it first and achieve good … Read more

Salmon Filet on a cedar plank in a grill

Eco-Friendly Grilling: Exploring the Reusability of Cedar Planks

As grill season comes into full swing, many of us foodies are turning to cedar grilling planks to add a unique and smoky flavor to our favorite meats and veggies. But what happens when the party’s over? Can you reuse your trusty cedar planks or toss them in the trash like yesterday’s leftovers? The answer … Read more