Compare Lawns: Why Is Mine Growing Faster Than Neighbors

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close up of grass growing in a yard getting too long fast


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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases made on our website. If you make a purchase through links from this website, we may get a small share of the sale from Amazon and other similar affiliate programs.

The feeling of joy is unmatched when you see your lawn flourishing with green, fast-growing grass.

However, sometimes it might be a little unsettling to see your lawn grass growing faster than your neighbors and peers. And you are left asking yourself, “Why does my grass grow faster than my neighbors?

Many factors, such as certain climates, over-watering, or mowing too much, can enable your grass to grow faster than is typical. 

This article highlights why your grass is growing faster than your neighbors’, along with additional information relevant to your lawn.

So, stick around till the end of the article to find out what you can do about it!

close up of grass growing in a yard getting too long fast

Why Does Grass Grow Faster On Your Lawn? 

It can sometimes seem like you have to mow your lawn every few weeks while your neighbor does not feel the need to.

There are multiple reasons why your grass can grow faster than your neighbor’s. 

Grass grows quicker when it is cut too frequently or too often if it gets over-watered when it has more nutrients than is required, during certain days, years, or even specific seasons.

Furthermore, how fast your grass grows also depends on the type of grass you have. For your better understanding, I will explain all the reasons mentioned below. 

Excessive water 

Excessive water rapidly leads to excessive grass growth, resulting in extra labor for you as the lawn mower.

For instance, after heavy rain, the grass will soak in as much water as possible and utilize this water for faster growth.

Grass, as a plant, strives to spread and grow. Many of the components are provided for this by heavy or sudden rain. 

So, ensure you do not water the grass in the event of rain, as your lawn does not need additional water.

Generally, regular watering encourages grass growth a bit at a time. 

Ideal circumstances b(for your grass) 

While it may appear unusual to blame ideal circumstances or the lack thereof for any problem, grass that is too comfy in its surroundings tends to be more than just grass, meaning a few deficiencies are produced.

This could be due to water management, slightly lower or higher pH, or conflicting grass species.

Grass Cut Too Short 

As stated above, the grass is a plant that strives to spread and grow. Hence, it is wired genetically to do whatever it takes to survive.

If it is mowed too frequently or too short, the grass responds by growing at a faster rate. But this is not a harmful feat unless it is clipped way too short. 

The Type Of Grass 

The type of grass you have on your lawn will significantly influence how fast it grows, in addition to the amount of water it receives.

Different kinds of grass perform better in different environments. This can be beneficial at times and inconvenient at others.

Yes, looking at a healthy lawn is nice, but you might also want the grass to be easier to walk through. 

It is extremely tough to replace a lawn fully. This is usually the final option. Nonetheless, seed producers sell different kinds to give lawn owners a low-maintenance lawn. 

Some grasses can grow 3 or 4 inches tall and only need to be mowed 3 or 4 times each year. Yet, to discover the best strain for your specific region, it is best to work with a local seed seller or team. 

How To Stop Your Grass From Growing So Fast? 

Since you now understand why your grass is growing so fast, there are some measures you can take for its prevention.

Below, I have included some practical strategies you can use to keep on top of your lawn’s growth. 

Change Your Watering Routine 

This can help you restrict grass growth if you live in a dry environment or have control over how much water intake your lawn receives.

If you perfect this strategy, your lawn will be vibrant and healthy as always without expanding faster than you can control. 

All you have to do is alternate between a flexible, heavy watering routine and a light, daily routine often suggested for the grass growth in your lawn.

This entails watering the lawn for approximately 30-40 minutes after 7, 10, or 15 days, depending upon the weather, and modifying the number a few days before restarting the cycle. 

This technique is a more naturalistic watering routine that prevents your lawn from becoming accustomed to a regular “meal” of water and urges it to slow down between watering. 

Allow The Grass To Grow Longer 

As counterproductive as it seems, the less you mow the lawn, the slower it grows. The longer the grass grows, the less pressure the plant has to produce additional tufts of grass. 

It is critical to remember that grass requires more surface area to absorb sunlight and produce nourishment.

It accomplishes this by growing longer grass blades. Many grass species, particularly those with longer or broader blades, will grow slower once they reach 3 inches or more in height.

Some grass strains and varieties have a height of 3–4 inches, meaning you only have to mow them once or twice a season to maintain things or prepare the grass for the winter season. 

Reduce Nutrient Supplementation 

You should be able to manage the fertilizer and nutrients applied to your grass if you cannot control the water intake.

In many areas, replanted leaves and grass clippings should be enough for most of the year, with only one feeding in summer or late spring.

Beyond this, you may be overfeeding your lawn, causing it to grow faster than it ought to. 

Include A Little Bit Of Shade 

Shade is frequently discouraged as most grass species do not tolerate it well. On the other hand, many trees can give just a sufficient amount of shade to maintain the grass growth without causing any damage.

Avoid mature trees and go for decorative trees that grow swiftly and have small leaves or widely spaced branches. 

A few good examples of such trees include lilac, eastern redbud, ornamental pear trees, and numerous crabapple varieties.

This method might take up to 2 years to become functional. Nevertheless, adding a tree to your lawn can be rewarding in many ways in the long run. 

What Are The Consequences Of Weakening Grass Growth? 

It is up to you and how you utilize specific techniques to curtail grass growth that will determine if the results will be good or bad.

For instance, eliminating fertilizer or water on your lawn may result in compaction, brown spots, or even bare patches as your lawn starts to die. 

Moderation is essential to reduce your grass growth while ensuring it looks healthy. Minor modifications can make significant changes to your lawn.

Try each strategy on its own before adding another one to your lawn care schedule. 

Could Dethatching Cause My Lawn to Grow Faster Than My Neighbors’?

Dethatching is an essential part of lawn care that can potentially lead to faster growth. By removing the dead thatch layer, the grass is able to access more nutrients and oxygen, resulting in healthier and quicker growth. If done properly, dethatching can indeed give you a lush lawn ahead of your neighbors’.

:How Can I Maintain My Lawn’s Growth with an Affordable Riding Lawn Mower?

Maintaining your lawn’s growth is convenient and affordable with reliable affordable riding lawn mowers. These efficient machines make mowing large areas a breeze, saving you time and effort. With a variety of options available, finding the perfect riding mower for your lawn care needs is easy and cost-effective.

Final Thoughts on Why Your Grass Grows Faster Than Your Neighbors 

Now that you know why your grass is growing faster than your neighbors’ and what you can do, you should not feel alarmed.

Just take it slow and try not to use too many tactics at once.  Wishing you and your beloved lawn a healthy life!