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Outdoor Generators: Can They Get Wet & Ways To Protect Them

If you have an outdoor generator, you may be wondering: Is it ok if it gets wet? Can you leave it outside in the rain without any repercussions? Or, do you need a cover? If …

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Portable Generator Basics and Buying Guide

Buying a portable generator can be daunting and lead to wasteful spending. Generators are not cheap and have endless uses. A portable generator buying guide will help you cut through the hype and get the …

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Patio Furniture Buying Guide: How To Buy Outdoor Furniture?

While it can be exciting and fun, decorating your patio can also be quite challenging as well. The most difficult task is choosing the furniture that best suits your outdoor space. So, if you’re thinking …

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Lawn Sweepers: What Are They and Are They Worth It?

Lawn sweepers are multi-purpose tools that collect leaves, pines, twigs, and other debris from your lawn. Collecting this plant matter will allow you to compost it much easier. The following are some of the benefits …

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Outdoor Generators: What They Are And How They Work

If you’re thinking about buying a portable generator, here’s a quick guide to the parts and functions of this unit. It also covers reasons why you might need outdoor generator power, and whether a portable …

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Fire Pit Buying Guide: Find a Quality Backyard Experience

Haven’t you always wanted to have a fire pit in your backyard? With so many different styles as well as unlimited design options, it can be hard to find the perfect one for you. Keeping …

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How Much Does It Cost to Create an Outdoor Fire Pit?

Looking to add an outdoor fire pit to your backyard? Here’s a breakdown of the costs involved in creating one. First, you’ll need to decide on the size and shape of your fire pit. Then, …

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Pressure Washing: Beginners Guide to Cleaning Your Spaces

Are you curious about pressure washing but are afraid to try it? You’re not alone! Many homeowners are hesitant to pressure wash their homes because they don’t know how it works or what risks they …

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Patio Furniture: What Makes Patio Furniture SO Expensive?

When you’re looking to buy patio furniture, you may be tempted to go with the cheapest option. But there are many reasons why people take so long to decide what they want most new buyers …

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Power Washer Tips: Are They Universal Between Machines

If you’re looking to buy a power washer, it’s important to know the different types of tips available and what might be best for your needs. Power washers come in a variety of sizes and …

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Fire Pit Glass: A Look Into This Staple Of Backyard Warmth

Looking for a fun and interesting way to spend a summer evening? Why not try a fire pit? Not only are they great for socializing and enjoying the company of friends, but they’re also perfect …

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Outdoor Grill Buying Guide: How To Buy The Best Grill?

Getting your family or friends out to the yard for a barbecue session can be super exciting and fun. Whether it’s a summer evening or the biggest game night of the year, grilling is a …

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